Best Succulent Garden Ideas for 2018

Best succulent garden ideas for 2018 (1)

Succulent is so popular nowadays and easy to plant. Check out these tips below to get the best succulent garden for your space below. Consider the exposure of the sun to know the best location to grow your succulent garden; sunny locations gradually may sunburn the succulent, so choose a nursery-grown space. Use fats-draining soil for your succulent; garden soil with pumice, decomposed granite, or coarse sand.

The most important thing to consider when making a succulent planting is watering. Giving too much water may cause the succulent’s leaves losing the color, shrivel or even drop. Give the succulent enough water to keep them plump and attractive depends on heat, humidity and rainfall. See these best succulent garden ideas  for 2018 below to inspire you.

Colorful Succulents

Colorful succulents
Source ; Pinterest

Container Garden with Succulents

Container garden with succulents
Source ; Pinterest

Dressed in Succulents

Dressed in succulents
Source ; Pinterest

Driftwood Planters with Succulents

Driftwood planters with succulents
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Glass Succulent Plants

Glass succulent plants
Source ; Pinterest

Pastel Succulent

Pastel succulent
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Pink Succulent Dish

Pink succulent dish
Source ; Pinterest

Succulent and Rock Garden for Backyard and Front Yard

Succulent and rock garden for backyard and front yard
Source ; Pinterest

Succulent Containers

Succulent containers
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Succulent Hanging Basket

Succulent hanging basket
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Succulent Seedlings

Succulent seedlings
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Succulent Terrariums

Succulent terrariums
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Succulent Wall Art

Succulent wall art
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Succulents Hexagon Vertical Garden

Succulents hexagon vertical garden
Source ; Pinterest

Succulents Vertical Garden

Succulents vertical garden
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