Beautiful Aqua Pendant Lamp to Make up Your Room

Beautiful aqua pendant lamp to make up your room

A pendant light is always make a statement to your space. The addition of it can easily change a  plain room into a dramatic interior whether you use the pendant light as a feature or as a task-specific lighting. There are wide range of colors and styles to choose from. Here are some tips to make your decision easier.

Think about the purpose of your pendant light and the size of the space your pendant lights will hang in (including the height and width of the area); oversized fittings can clutter a room and restrict lines of vision, while an undersized pendant will look insignificant. Also consider the position of the pendant light. For example, if your space requires overall light, try a space pendant, or to create a nook in the corner of a room or to embellish a stairwell with a cascade of lights, use clustering technique. You can also try hanging pendants at different heights or select different shapes or color of pendant from the same pendant range. Check out these beautiful aqua pendant lamp to make up your room below.


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