Elegant and Classic Wood Dining Chairs

Elegant and classic wood dining chairs

Having a stunning dining table is great, but don’t forget the chairs, too. The table and the chair don’t have to match, the chair is only need to suit the table’s scale and the style. The scale of the dining table should be compatible to the chair. The most comfortable average distance is about 10 to 12 inches, but varies by the thickness of the tabletop, the height of apron and the size.

Try to test the table with different chairs and pay attention to your comfort level when you dine out. Choose a chair that fit under you table, so you will comfortable and do not make any damage both chairs and the table itself. And when choosing the style of your dining table and the chair, the key is find something that will look good together. Check out these elegant and classic wood dining chairs below to give you some inspiration before buying your own.


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