31 Stunning Modern Water Feature for Your Landscape


Let’s transform your landscape by installing a small formal pond and fountain as a dividing line with lush aquatic vegetation as border elements. You can try to make your own resort-style spa and pool setting to your backyard with the blue tile work that is so stunning by day or even night that is also accented by the water’s reflective surface. Or perhaps consider to make a sunken garden with showcase fountain that is divided into quadrants with colorful flower beds bordering your garden’s edge. As the focal point of your garden space, add a large copper pot transformed into a fountain sits in a small pond.

Consider a minimalist but modern approach to a water feature with a pipe-like fountains in a bed of ornamental rocks that stand out against the desert vegetation in a sunny open courtyard that is so great for you who live in a desert climate. Blend your rock fountain into its natural surrounding is readily situated amidst a rustic landscape of pebble, stones, gravel and flowering plants. If you like animal, try to make a traditional pond stocked with fishes such as koi and accented with a small waterfall. Now take a look at these 31 stunning modern water feature for your landscape below to inspire you.




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