40 Best DIY Space Saving Bed Frame Design


Here are some space saving tricks for your bedroom. Choose a beds with storage so you can eliminate the need fo a dresser in your bedroom; make sure that you have enough floor space to pull out the drawer or try to make your own under the bed storage. Or raise your bed using blocks of wood or bed risers to gain storage space under your bed. If you have small space, consider loft bed that utilize the space cleverly and look sharp especially with a modern decor.

You can also build an open shelving under your bed that provide storage and also can be very decorative. If bedside table is not possible, mount a shelf as a floating nightstand. Or mount multiple shelves on either side of the bed, offering a nice balance in your space.  If you wanted to go on with storage bed, check out these 40 best DIY space saving bed frame design ideas to inspire you.




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