35 Indoor Garden Ideas for Beginner in Small Space


Plants can bring life and color into your space. And if you want to have an indoor garden, position the plants carefully. Look for the place in the house and don’t be afraid to try different locations until you find the best spot for your plant. In front of a large window facing east or west is the ideal spot for your plant; filtered if necessary through a net scrim curtain.

When watering the plant, instead water the plants bottom up standing them in a dish and fill the dish with water so it will not flood the floor and reach the pot plant’s roots. Keep away your plant from drafts; avoid placing the plant in draughty areas or near ducted heat or air-conditioner outlets. Do not over water your plant because it can cause your plant death. If you have a small space, check out these 35 indoor garden ideas for beginner in small space below.




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