55 Creative Neon Sign Design to Light Up Your Space


Design trends can inspire you and change the way you look at your space and even help you find new ways to express yourself. And bright, illuminated neon signs are one of the newest trends in the world of interior decorating. It is a perfect way to give your home an unexpected look. This is the best way to make your room say what you want to say and you can put it everywhere; bedroom, dining rooms, nurseries and even bathroom.

Adding neon signs as a form of wall art is really gives a space an unexpected element of interest that is non-traditional that makes it fun and quirky. Using a bright neon sign in your dark wall brings an awesome factor that is excellent as a focal point to a classic quote, famous saying or even a personal motto. Creating a dramatic contrast between the color is make the sign pop within the space, while there is no clearer contrast than black and white, don’t be afraid to try other color. See more creative neon sign designs to light up your space below.



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