41 Clever Storage Wall Space Storage and Hanging Space for Your Bathroom


Savvy storage ideas are a must through your space, especially for your bathroom. You can add wall cabinet to make use of the empty wall space of your bathroom store. To add more color and texture to your bathroom space, consider to make a built-in storage to store several towels. Add a floating vanity with an open shelving for even more storage.

To keep your bathroom toiletries at hand and to bring visual appeal, add a vintage-inspired storage; placed two large wicker baskets on a vintage vanity shelf. If you need plenty of storage space, a large vanity with oversize drawers is great. If your bathroom is so small and do not have any room for storage containers, use the space underneath the sink; cover it with a patterned sink skirt and add several storage containers in it without making the space look cluttered. See more clever storage wall space storage and hanging space for your bathroom to inspire you below.



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