34 Creative Small Entryway Ideas for Small Space


Entryway is the most important space in your home, but entryway is often forgotten or neglected in the design process. Let’s create your own entryway with these tips to help you decorate an entryway that stuns as much as it welcomes. Entryway is about storage, seating and shoes. So, adding a custom built-in is beautiful and dramatic component to your entryway that adds a touch of craftmanship and character.

Entryway is perfect place to incorporate items you otherwise might not include elsewhere in your house, consider to install a chandelier that sets the tone for your eclectic taste. Pick a colorful rug that’s both inviting and durable to use instead of a doormat. Your entryway should speak to who you are and feature walls are particularly important for narrow entries with an abundance of wall space; use large mirror to make your space larger or create a small gallery wall above a bench. Now, take a look at these 34 creative small entryway ideas for small space below.



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