38 Most Amazing Hanging Planter Ideas to Beautify Your Space


Hanging plants are a beautiful addition to any room of yours. They draw the eye up, showcase the plant and also add an interesting design element to your space. Having a hanging plants will make your space look more attractive, especially if you lack of floor or counter space but still want to add a greenery. While Kendall Jenner might be the it girl of fashion, hanging plants are stealing the limelight in the interior world.

A hanging plants can be heavy, so make sure the structure can hold the weight before you hang it to your walls or ceilings. Also protect your floors and furniture from the water that run straights from the hanging plant. To prevent it, you can do a pot within a pot that allows you to easily switch out your hanging plants or adding an attached tray. Now check out these 38 most amazing hanging planter ideas to beautify your space below.



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