32 Gorgeous and Simple Wood Partition as Room Divider


Having an open space living in studios, lofts or homes with a high ceilings and a few walls are very popular nowadays. But how can you add a little intimacy or privacy to your space without closing up your space permanently? The answer is by adding a room divider. Room dividers can provide a new look and it can work in nearly any space, large or small.

Bookcases is the best room divider because it can divide your space and also it features storage, too. Or if you lack of space, a hanging room divider can be the perfect Or if you want to create a sense of a smaller, intimate area without completely closing off the spot, a simple wood slat is all you need. But if you want a simple wood partition as your room divider, check out these 32 gorgeous and simple wood partition as room divider below to inspire you.



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